Project Revive: Week One

I’m following the Revive six week programme in a bid to feel healthier and see if it helps my pain. Here’s my first week…

Day One: I spent most of the day feeling hungry and a bit shaky. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I’d just read Sweet Nothing where the author Nicole gives up sugar and feels like crap for the first three weeks. Was I was subliminally thinking I felt the same thing? Maybe, or maybe it was just an off day.  Still, I managed to scoff down avo on toast (which I’m pleased I didn’t instagram), soup and a stir fry. I felt like I needed more carbs but that might just be withdrawal from eating so many all the time!

Day Two: The day of temptation. I resisted a colleague’s chocolates he brought back from New York and managed to sit in a client meeting about Easter Eggs without weeping. After a day’s work I needed to travel up to Leeds to give a lecture the following day so was aware I needed to be organised to stick to this on the move. I was doing well until I got to King’s Cross with 90 seconds to spare before my train left. Despite having lots of healthy snacks with me I was counting on Leon for my healthy, sugar free main event but TFL had other ideas. The Leon queue was too big so I ended up with a low but not completely sugar free meal from Pret. Sigh.

Day Three: For breakfast I asked for simple eggs at the awful modest B&B I was staying in. I ended up with this:


I hate beans. Not because they have sugar in them, I just can’t stomach them. I can’t eat anything contaminated by them either. This beany mess was served with bread so cheap it was hard to tell if it was meant to be brown or white, and was possibly only 2% actual bread. I was back onto the straight and narrow for lunch, where I’d prepped the MA course lead to get me a salad (thanks Tony). It was a working lunch (I taught for eight hours straight!) but with the salad and nuts to tide me over I felt fine. I even resisted his offer of M&S tiffin, go me.

Day Four and Five: After the madness of the week I did fairly well on Thursday and Friday despite another train trip to London (I promise I’m not sponsored by National Rail). Salads for lunch (always chucking the sugary dressing away first), Quorn for dinner and spelt pasta with veggies on Friday kept me on track. I didn’t resist gin on Friday though and it felt so nice to treat myself.

Day Six: Speaking of treats, Saturday was a cheat day as one of my best friends had her baby shower and she’s also leaving Brighton for Glasgow so I felt I should indulge with afternoon tea. Do you know what, it tasted a bit odd! The mini eggs on the table were lovely and I enjoyed the afternoon tea but it was all much more sugary and synthetic than it used to taste. That evening I reviewed a veggie restaurant which felt more virtuous, although I definitely wasn’t doing Project Revive fully that day.

Afternoon Tea

Day Seven: Sunday was much quieter. I’m nursing a very sad pup who had an op on Friday and isn’t herself so I’ve been in working and writing and it’s easier to be healthy when you’re staying put. Steamed salmon, spinach and carrots for dinner.

Verdict: I’m pleased with week one, although you definitely couldn’t say I’ve been totally sugar free I’ve eaten a lot more veggies, pretty much no meat and nuts for snacks. The pain is still there, all day, most of the day but it wasn’t a bad pain week despite doing so much work and travel. It’s too early to say but I’m obviously keeping an eye on it.

What I was most pleased about apart from (mainly) being so organised was how I didn’t chastise myself after afternoon tea on Saturday. Typical Anna would be so annoyed about ‘screwing up’ but it was planned and I felt OK about it. It didn’t feel like I was on the wrong end of a ‘slippery slope’, just a really nice treat with lovely friends. This week I’m doing slightly less travelling, but my boyfriend is back from hols and is definitely not doing the eating plan with me so that could be tricky…


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  1. Anne Hardman
    14th March 2016 / 5:30 pm

    I think you did really well. X

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