Project Revive: Week Two

Ah week two, you total sod. I’ve felt tired, in a fair amount of pain and boy did I miss sugar during the week.  I’ve realised I need to up my food game and get more adventurous.

(N.B. I’ve been following the Revive six week programme – check out my first post here).

Day One: Monday brought with it a renewed sense of “You’ve, like, soooooo got this gurl” and I launched into a day of good food. Biona Amaranth & Quinoa bread for breakfast toasted with sardines (loving this combo in the morning) and a homemade salad nicoise for lunch. In the evening I did a food review of a burger place and had a naked burger which involved a piece of chicken wrapped in a big piece of lettuce with salad on top. I asked for no ‘house sauce’ as that will undoubtedly be full of sugar and obviously they forgot. I was so hungry and with five others so I soldiered on and ate it, sauce and all. It was good, if a little sweet and I didn’t miss the bun.

naked burger

Day Two: For breakfast I went back to my failsafe from the last time I gave up sugar – full fat yoghurt, a little bit of coconut, blueberries and loads of cinnamon. In the face of no sugar it tastes like a really decadent dessert. Delish. I also made another egg based salad (boiling several eggs on waking is becoming second nature). I reeeeeally fancied something sweet at 4pm but resisted.  Oh, and when I got in I was so tired and H had made mash so I had some. This isn’t technically allowed.  Oops.

IMG_0036 (003)

Day Three: My usual breakfast of champs (see above) followed by the most delicious thing I ate all week from a little health food place in Brighton called Eat Naked. Ex-Masterchef contestant Stacie Stewart opened it and she is a HEALTHY EATING GODDESS. What she can’t do with quinoa isn’t worth knowing. I had one of their salads with salmon and a RAW SNICKERS BAR. This is so gorgeous. Thank God I had this as dinner was super uninspiring. Frozen salmon fillet and veg. Dull and flavourless. Must try harder.

Day Four: Totally forgot about breakfast and lunch was a combination of the leftover veg I had in the fridge – so boring. In the evening I got on another train up north. Leon saved the day while on the move.

Day Five: Working from home at my sister’s so I could be more organised and tuck into healthy things. A meal out in the evening involved chips which again aren’t really meant to be on the menu…

Day Six: I was healthy either side of another afternoon tea, this time to celebrate my mum and sister’s birthday. This has been planned for ages, long before I gave up sugar so I decided to have a barley day. It was lovely, but I was back on the wagon by teatime.

afternoon tea 01afternoon tea 02

Day Seven: Smoked salmon on Biona bread, steak and veg, green soup – all on diet but not that inspiring.

Verdict: I really need to get organised and try some new recipes. Work has been really busy and when I don’t get time to meal prep, flavour goes out of the window. Next week I’m going to cook more and inject more interest into my meals.


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