Book Review: The Humans

If you’ve read The Humans, you’ll know. You’ll know how much of an important book it is. And how everyone should read it. Probably once a year, like a herbal supplement that’ll gently keep you sane.

I love Matt Haig and I love this book. Instead of writing a typical review of the book all I’ll say is this:

Go buy it. Keep it and buy new copies for others. You’ll need your copy again.

Here’s my favourite passage which, should I ever get married, will be a reading at the wedding.

Thanks Matt, for reminding us how to be human.


‘I love you,’ she said.

And I knew the point of love right then.

The point of love was to help you survive.

The point was also to forget meaning. To stop looking and start living. The meaning was to hold the hand of someone you cared about and to live inside the present. Past and future were myths.

The past was just the present that had died and the future would never exist anyway, because by the time we got to it the future would have turned into the present. The present was all there was. The ever-moving, ever-changing present. And the present was fickle. It could only be caught by letting go.

So I let go.

I let go of everything in the universe.

Everything, except her hand.


H is for Humans.

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