Seven Things on A Sunday

Hello everyone, I hope your Sunday is going well!

I am sat in the flat with the sunlight casting the most beautiful light through the windows reflecting on a lovely weekend spent with two really special friends. We did beach walks watching kite surfers dance across the horizon, Lanes shopping and ate the most fabulous seafood at one of my favourite Brighton haunts, Riddle and Finns. I’m a week away from my holiday in Cornwall so although I’m staring down the barrel of a very hectic work week, I am feeling very happy and CHILLED. How was yours?

If you’ve time, here are seven things to watch and read this week.


  1. I’ve been thinking hard about friendships lately – how to keep friends, how to make friends and how to work out which friendships are worth investing in – all through the lens of your thirties when life gets busier and geography often gets more tricky. I also wrote about broken friendships this week where I poured my heart out onto the web just in case it made anyone else feel better about having lost a good friendship. This Debrief article is also really interesting, explaining that ‘We have to learn and relearn a lot of what it means to be a friend under totally different circumstances’ as our lives change into our twenties and thirties. How to make your friendships last throughout your twenties.


  1. I suppose you could call this blog a side hustle although it’s not a money maker but I put a lot of my ‘side time’ time into it. I’m fascinated by the rise of side hustles and if I had my way I’d have about twenty – writer, coach, psychologist, artist… if days of the week and talent were limitless I’d be all over it. I still want to become so many things! This piece opens the lid on WHY side hustles are such a ‘thing’: ‘what happens when a generation raised with a “you can be whatever you want to be” ethos meets the worst job market in years?’. Side hustles apparently. Millennials are obsessed with side hustles because it’s all we’ve got.


  1. I was so sad to hear about Caroline Aherne’s death this weekend. I will never forget the first time I saw the Royle Family in my mum and dad’s living room in Liverpool. I couldn’t believe how well she’d captured the northern humour and our typically close family dynamic. I laughed so much during every episode of that show. Here Steve Coogan remembers his friend. Naturally funny, cross-generational: Steve Coogan on Caroline Aherne.


  1. If you’re in need of some viewing fodder that has a bit more to it than an American drama this list might be a good place to start – impactful documentaries that make you think. I’m always hungry to learn more about our world and some of these feel like they’ll quench that need a bit. I’ve seen Planet Earth and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead but I’d say True Cost is missing from this list – a harrowing but really important look at the fashion industry. Jeez, this is a sobering list actually, maybe next week I’ll find a list of the funniest stand-up comics, or just point you in the direction of the Royle Family! LOOKING FOR A GOOD DOCUMENTARY? HERE ARE 19 THAT WILL HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE.


  1. I’ve been following Emma’s story on Consciously Healthy for a while now. She’s suffered with ME/CFS for a similar length of time to me and her strength and positivity are always a source of inspiration. This piece on what it’s like to have an invisible illness is beautifully written and I know will have provided a lot of sufferers with support on a down day. Keep trucking on Emma, what you’re doing is really important. Life with an Invisible Illness.


  1. Anxiety disorder is a subject close to my heart and this Brain Pickings piece on a new illustrated book about anxiety really made me smile. Catherine Lepage has written ‘an illustrated meditation on what it’s like to live enslaved by one’s own worries and what one can do to break free’ and the illustrations are both funny and poignant and basically SPOT ON. I am such a worrier (like mother like daughter) and I’ve put the book in my book wish list for both of us this month. Thin Slices of Anxiety: An Illustrated Meditation on What It’s Like to Live Enslaved by Worry and How to Break Free.
Image credit: Catherine Lepage

Image credit: Catherine Lepage

  1. Brexit rumbles on, and I’m not going to say much on it this week (I wrote something last week instead of STOAS case you didn’t see it There’s no ‘them and us’, only us) but this video filmed up in Doncaster is something I had to share. It documents the Vote Leavers who live there – their motivations, their hopes and dreams and the systematic way that their part of the world has been forgotten by government for decades. Worth a watch for a new perspective on what Vote Leave meant for them (although I disagree their problems come from the EU). Also the ‘presenter’ in this is fantastic, someone in telly give her a job, Why we voted leave: voices from northern England.





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