Seven Things On A Sunday

Ah, aren’t holidays GREAT? Espesh those ones where you don’t do anything more strenuous than get through a good book, laze on the beach or walk to the local pub for dinner. I’m savouring the last few hours of my holiday vibes so will keep this intro short. More to follow on where I went and why you should go too coming soon…

  1. When I saw this for the first time I wanted to stand up and give Channel Four a round of applause. An incredible ad about disability. We’re The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer.
  1. When I worked with Dove on the Campaigns for Real Beauty we talked a lot about how to talk to little girls and how not to focus on physical attributes “You’re so beautiful, I love that dress” etc. but on the qualities you have, your personality, the things you can be. This article took me back to that time and was a timely reminder to keep thinking this way. How to Talk to Little Girls.
  1. I found this through Luke Leighfield’s ‘Ten Things’ newsletter (which I love btw, you need to sign up to this) and immediately knew, from his description that this was a TED Talk I’d been waiting to find. It’s about people who search for their passions and how you don’t always need to cut off passions to focus just on one. I identify with this so much. I can’t begin to list all the stuff I’m interested in learning more about, taking up or developing as skills, hobbies, side hustles… And this TED Talk reassures me I don’t need to narrow down so much… a lovely watch for anyone else who is in a similar boat.   TEDxAustin – Steven Tomlinson
  1. Matt Haig is a brilliant writer, if you haven’t read The Humans, read my review and then go buy it. This article is a passionate and important take on the furore that surrounded the images that surfaced of Paul Gascoigne this week. Mental health issues shouldn’t be celebrity news fodder – it’s so wrong and worse, dangerous. Paul Gascoigne’s struggle is not entertainment. Mocking him only adds to the mental illness stigma.
  1. I’m not into Pokemon Go, I’m of the mindset that we’re all probably a bit too old for this all over again, no? I did love this story about an Indiana animal shelter wanting to use it for good though. What other good stuff can we do with it? Animal Shelter Wants Pokemon Go Players To Walk Dogs.
  1. This, being a Brain Pickings article, is a long read but very much worth it if you’re interested in your inner critic, how it works, and how to quash it. This piece picks out critical parts of psychoanalytical writerAdam Phillips’ essay on self criticism. This was my favourite part: “Were we to meet this figure socially, as it were, this accusatory character, this internal critic, we would think there was something wrong with him. He would just be boring and cruel. We might think that something terrible had happened to him. That he was living in the aftermath, in the fallout of some catastrophe. And we would be right.” <There is no better way to personify the inner critic than this. Loved this article.  Against Self-Criticism: Adam Phillips on How Our Internal Critics Enslave Us, the Stockholm Syndrome of the Superego, and the Power of Multiple Interpretations.
  1. In what was another horrible week for news, this tongue-in-cheek article on Theresa May’s husband’s fashion choices made me laugh. Theresa May’s husband steals the show in sexy navy suit as he starts new life as First Man.


  1. Annne
    17th July 2016 / 9:36 pm

    Stimulating as ever. Gives me lots of interesting articles to look at during the coming week. Where do you find them?

  2. Mike
    17th July 2016 / 11:07 pm

    Love the Theresa Mays husband article, absolutely hilarious.

  3. Anne
    24th October 2016 / 8:41 am

    Lovely to have you home as ever. Lots of interesting articles to follow up. Xx

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