Seven Things On A Sunday

I’m back!

I took a slightly extended break from actualanna, life took over a bit this summer with a lot of travelling and before I knew it it’s October and definitely time to embrace that ‘back to school’ feeling I love so much in autumn and knuckle down to some writing again. I’ve even bought some glasses for the occasion. I’ve always loved that ‘new pencil case, new start’ feeling you get at this time of year.

Even though this should be something like my 20th #STOAS (it’s only my 11th – oops!) I am giving up beating myself up for ‘lent’ albeit a self-imposed lent in October. People make New Year’s Resolutions in the middle of the year, so why not find a reason to give something up? Today is as good a day as any. I do have some lovely travel guides coming soon including Bordeaux, Copenhagen, the Ile de Re and another Cornish one so perhaps the break was worth it!

Here’s the seven things I’ve read this week and thought were worth sharing.

  1. This letter, by writer Hunter S. Thompson is so beautiful! In it, he attempts to describe how man should find his or her purpose with honesty and a dry sense of humour. I found myself wanting to make pretty much every line into a quote pic the way I do on here, it’s all so profound and thought provoking. Go read, be inspired (and if you go on to find your purpose, do let me know!). On Finding Your Purpose: An Extraordinary Letter by Hunter S. Thompson.


  1. I am more and more drawn to a vegetarian diet and read any article I can get my hands on that explains how people make the jump, and why. This article profiles four people who went one step further, to veganism and I love hearing how they did it and how their lives have changed. This is what a vegan looks like…


  1. I’ve got a bit of a thing for personal finance. There, I’ve admitted it. It’s possibly the least sexy admission ever, but since hitting my thirties I’ve realised (slightly later than is helpful) that I need to get serious about money and I’m embracing it. I’ve just got a monzo card which I’ll review soon, and I love The Financial Diet. In the spirit of this, here’s a great article sharing links to brilliant personal finance advice. The 7 Personal Finance Articles We Loved This Week.


  1. I am still on my quest to improve my photography (And I think you’ll spot a bit of a difference in my upcoming travel blogs). This guide by a lovely lifestyle blogger called Kelly who lives in Chicago, one of my favourite, newly discovered cities is super helpful: Kelly’s Short Guide to DSLR Photography.


  1. I have made eighty quid selling stuff on ebay and depop this month. H hates it because he thinks I’m selling all my nice clothes but it’s mainly stuff I’ve bought and never worn (shameful) or occasion dresses I’ve worn to so many weddings it’s time to move on. It takes a lot of time, and when something doesn’t sell a few times I give up and chuck it in the charity bag but I think, just about, for £80 the time at the post office has been worth it. Sticking with Kelly’s blog, this piece on ebay selling was really helpful: How to sell your clothes on ebay.


  1. Reading the last words of a terminal cancer victim sounds depressing, but those ‘last words of a dying person’ articles go viral for a reason and this is no different. In hers, a brave woman called Rowena gives us all a call to arms to remind us all to practice gratitude and live our best life. Reminds me very much of Late Fragments which I highly, HIGHLY recommend for a similar rallying cry to squeeze everything of out life.  The incredible and heartbreaking last words of Rowena Kincaid which were read at her funeral.


  1. Emma Gannon talks about sharing less of herself online in a way only she can (i.e. open and honest and brilliant). I totally identified with the bit about finding sharing blog posts on Facebook the scariest of all because it’s where the highest count of friends and family and people who are less likely to ‘get’ the online sharing culture hang out. Thanks Emma, for sharing this time. Sharing Less.


  1. Anne.
    3rd October 2016 / 8:43 am

    Have missed your blogs. Especially liked the letter from Rowena. X

    • Anna
      9th October 2016 / 12:44 pm

      Thanks mum, I always love your comments. 🙂

  2. Ashley McKeown
    4th October 2016 / 1:34 pm

    Another great read Anna. Always love your #STOAS posts!

    • Anna
      9th October 2016 / 12:34 pm

      Thank you slicey xxx

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