Seven Things On A Sunday

No messing about with intros this week, just seven great things to read before Strictly starts. Go on, you’ve got 45 mins!

Have a good week all 🙂

1. How many conversations do you have a week about being busy? Between me, my colleagues, friends and my family I would say one of us says ‘I just don’t know where the time goes’ at least once a week. We are all busy and our 2016 lives give us an abundance of options to while away time in less-than productive ways – three hours stuck in a YouTube vortex? Don’t mind if I do. Half a day clearing out my too-full wardrobe? Sure! This article about the Cult of Busy is telling. Our busy-ness is only the result of our own decisions, decisions to take too much on (overcommitting is often my jam) or not learning how to say no and ask for help. Read on if you want some busy home truths*. The Cult of Busy.

*I was going to caveat my busy straight talk above for the TRULY busy, like my sister who is raising an energetic toddler but the writer does it better than I could: Let me add one caveat: if you have young children, a brutal commute or juggle several jobs to make ends meet, you are exempt from everything I write in this piece. Amen.  

2. I am definitely guilty of having too many clothes. I use two wardrobes (!) and two big drawers in a chest I share with H. I’m a bit of a magpie and often buy things on a whim because they’re pretty/sparkly/just what I need when in fact I don’t need them at all. This article is a great read on how one writer’s frivolous shopping habits were at odds with what she believed in and the person she wanted to become. I’d much rather have a streamlined wardrobe of clothes I love as opposed to a wardrobe crammed full of things that are just ‘OK’. I’ve got better, but I’m still finding it hard to resist (I’ve currently got my eye on an olive green velvet dress for a wedding from Urban Outfitters – do I need it? No!). But, since I started selling stuff online, and getting stuck into the post office faff involved with that plus me tracking my spending with Monzo I have definitely found myself asking if I really need that new jumper/velvet dress/top with a cactus on it. As Amanda says in this piece: ‘Walking past a department store on payday isn’t exactly easy, but paying rent on time and choosing an outfit in under five minutes definitely is’. True dat. How I Stopped Buying Things I Don’t Need.

3. So this piece is brilliant. It tells the story of one woman’s plight to become a writer, and how that journey had to start with her feeling comfortable with it more than anything else: “I was soon reminded how soothing writing could be. I was in my element, doing what felt most natural to me. People enjoyed reading my musings about life and would inquire about my book… Although I was flattered, I was also terrified and depressed… I was plagued by insecurities of calling myself a writer because I wasn’t published.” Coming out as a writer.

4. I watched this documentary on Down’s Syndrome on the train to Cornwall (I’m down here again, and yes I’m obsessed with this place!). In hindsight, given the subject matter, this was possibly a bit daft. It’s one of the most moving pieces of telly I’ve seen all year. I forgot how much I love Sally Phillips and she does an amazing job of showing a totally fresh side to being a mum with Down’s, and questions why a diagnosis is seen as so devastating when the reality for many parents of kids with Down’s can be so full of joy. A tough, complex subject, but brilliantly done. Please do some more documentaries Sally. A World Without Down’s Syndrome?   

5. I’m a sucker for career and self-help books, and this new one, written by an ex-Google career coach sounds right up my bookshop aisle. Why your next career move is the only thing that matters.

6. What can an 83-year-old U.S. Supreme Court justice tell you about life? It turns out, quite a lot. I like this article for its no nonsense, common sense “advice for living” for everyone, but especially for women and parents of young daughters. A very inspirational 83 year old. Want to Raise a Trail-Blazing Daughter? ‘The Notorious RBG’ Says Do These 7 Things.

7. For anyone who has ever had a break up that broke their heart This Is Me Letting You Go.


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