Seven Things On A Sunday

I write this from my mum and dad’s house in front of an open fire with Countryfile on in the background and a roast in the oven. This is how the weekend should end (if it really has to). I’ve been at a wedding this weekend up north which was so wonderful (congratulations Kate and Bob!) and I have managed to see lots of friends in between. I am about to have an operation which will see me off my feet for most of November so I’m frantically trying to see friends and do fun things before the only thing I can do is ask them to come to see me and watch Netflix.

I read so many good things this week, here’s a selection.

  1. My love for Thought Catalog is real, and this piece by Bianca Sparacino (top notch writer person) is excellent. Don’t be put off by the title, it’s not sanctimonious or depressing, but it might be a wakeup call if you’re not being true to yourself… How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are).


  1. Using research this article makes the case that Yes, Beautiful People Have a Totally Different Experience of Life.


  1. I was an anxious kid so my mum introduced me to meditation and mindfulness (although she just called it relaxation) when I was young. Now, it’s a THING thanks to Ruby Wax, the headspace app and the fact that so many of us are burnt out and are searching for tools to help. If you peel back the fashionable layers, meditation is, as proven by science, hugely mind changing for the better. I’ve always found it hard mainly because I struggle with this: The moments in which meditation feels impossible are the most important moments to step back, return to the breath, and stick with it’ but it doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying. This article is a nice reminder to stick with it: Meditation and Self-Discipline.


  1. I’ve talked about invisible illnesses before, having spent the last two and a half years coming to terms with the one I have (Fibromyalgia) so this piece about high functioning depression really made me think. What’s that saying: ‘be kind for you never know the battles others face’ (or something more eloquent)? This hopeful and practical article is a brilliant take on that thought, and how hard HFD is to spot, but how simple it can be to help someone suffering: 9 Things People With High-Functioning Depression Want You To Know


  1. The Mental Health week articles are still kicking around, so here’s another resource for anyone you might know suffering from depression, or even if you’re just having a bad day/time right now. These quotes are uplifting. Depression: 10 quotes that help us through tough days.


  1. “If there is a conflict between a trail run I need to get in, and a meeting with a client, I’ll reschedule the client meeting first.” <not something you hear very often in the world of work, but this piece makes a case for exercise having much more importance in the workplace than we give it credit for… This piece makes me want to run to the gym immediately. Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career.


  1. Oh dear. Do not click if you are a millennial who isn’t about to come into a lot of inheritance… Terrifying! What Happens When Millennials Grow Up?

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