Seven Things On A Sunday

I’ve just come back from a spa in the Lake District which was possibly one of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m in some sort of zen-relaxed-higher-state-of-being this afternoon. I’m treating myself as I’m about to go into hospital next week for a foot operation and will be off my feet for a long time so this weekend, spent in the Lakes with my best friend, has been a total tonic.

Here are seven things I read and liked this week:

  1. Ah Emma, we are so often on the same wavelength. I’ve mentioned a few times now how ‘into’ finance I’m getting (stay with me here). The reason for my change of heart is that banking has been so boring for so long, and I’ve felt really disconnected from my bank accounts and my money (being brutally honest) for ages BUT I am really excited by the new range of apps that are helping change this including Monzo which I’m going to review soon. Along comes Emma this week, with another app called Moneybox which is set to have another revolutionary effect on my finances and in the simplest, easiest of ways. You can connect it to your debit card and choose to round up your purchases to the nearest £1 and then invest those tiny savings into safe, medium or risky funds. So far this week I’ve saved £10.31 which is probably £10.31 I’d typically have spent in the pub, or on a lippy in Boots. Little by little, I have a feeling this app together with Monzo will quietly see me change my money habits one notification at a time. Thanks Emma! Start Saving and Investing With Just Your Spare Change.
  1. ‘Where you should be in your life by 30’, ‘Career steps you should have hit by thirty’, ‘Holidays to take before you’re thirty’ < all legit articles I’ve read in the last year since turning thirty. What is it about this age? Why does it make people write articles like those, and this one – 30 Things You Should Own By Age 30. I saw that headline and thought ‘Oh, fuck off!’, then I found this one, and felt a bit better about the world: You Don’t Have to Own Anything by the Time You’re 30. To be fair, I own a lot of the things in the first piece but not through any deliberate pre-30s hoarding. I just do. And I love the thought that you should prioritise owning the things that make sense to you in your life situation right now, rather than subscribing to an idea of 30 that doesn’t work for you. Age is a number so read those articles and laugh, dear friends.
  1. ‘Just Do It’ is as good advice now as it was in the 80s when Nike first adopted it. This piece on finding what makes you tick in life (especially if your job isn’t doing it for you) gives some excellent advice along those same powerful, three-word-mantra lines. If you’re trying to find your passion you could do worse than take the advice in this piece. 3 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Life Purpose.
  1. This is an exceptional piece of writing from a woman who is so honest about her life, and the female friendships she has fostered over her years. It’s a long read, but worth it. On Female Friendship And The Sisters We Choose For Ourselves.
  1. The United States has one of the highest rates of child poverty anywhere in the developed world and this honest article spells out why the US presidential candidates should have this issue way further up their agenda. THIS is something they should have been debating for months. 3 TVs and No Food: Growing Up Poor in America.
  1. Whistles, land of pleasing clothing has launched a wedding dress line. That is all. I’ve just leave this here ladies… Whistles is launching a wedding dress collection.
  1. I love peppermint, chocolate and peppermint chocolate so I cannot wait to make this easy, delicious, chocolatey and minty concoction. HEAVEN. Chocolate Peppermint Bars.

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