Seven Things on A Sunday

stoas-14I’m still in recovery from the operation, but it’s lovely to be back writing again. Here are seven things I’ve enjoyed during my convalescence. Please do send me anything you’ve read/watched/listened to and loved. I always want your input! 🙂

  1. The Dalai Lama on being useful to others and how important it is to our own happiness and our health: Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded.
  1. While I was off recovering from the operation I rediscovered sewing again, and started a bullet journal which is a lovely creative way to capture your life on paper as it happens without it feeling like a chore. Both of those things helped me relax while I was in a lot of pain and feeling pretty blue. I’ve always been creative in my spare time, it’s when I’m in ‘flow’ as psychologists call it, but as life gets busier it’s often hobbies that fall away. This piece is a nice nudge to not let that happen, creativity keeps you happy and I would definitely vouch for that. To Be Happier, Do One Creative Thing Every Day.
  1. I get homesick a lot so I spent 2 minutes nodding furiously to this piece. Send to someone else in the same boat: 19 bittersweet realities only people who live far away from their families will understand.
  1. I’ve followed mum blogger Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka for a long time now, I love her sense of humour, the brilliant way she interacts with her daughter on screen and most of all, her brutal honesty. I’m not a mum but I know she’s so relatable to so many of my friends and family who are. It’s bloody hard work! This piece on miscarriages is so heartbreakingly honest, it’s a step change in tone for her but it’s so good to see more and more women coming forward about the awful realities of miscarriage. It’s more common than the headlines and conversations would have you believe. My miscarriages still haunt me to this day.
  1. My super talented friend Reema wrote this great piece in the wake of the US election. She works in communications and talks of the industry’s responsibility to create genuine campaigns and messaging that make the world a better place, and don’t sit on the fence or fuel the hate rhetoric: We are leaders at the helm of an industry that creates messages en mass. We don’t have to settle or stay quiet when we see bad creative. It is our job to make our clients feel uncomfortable, to bring them down routes that push them. Not just so we can sleep at night, but for the benefit of their bottom lines because diverse creative statistically proves ROI.” I think she’s spot on – a good reminder to anyone working in communications – you don’t have to sit there and allow the wrong message to take flight, especially not in today’s media climate. A Call to Be More Adwoke.
  1. This writer decided October was the month she stopped procrastinating and did three things every day to make her happier. She describes her ‘discontent’ before starting this project and I really felt I knew what she meant. I know I’m so fortunate and mainly happy but I can find myself slipping into something that isn’t quite happiness sometimes and for no truly ‘good’ reason. Some of the ways she combatted this almost apathetic approach to her life and to prioritising what makes her happy gave me a bit of inspiration. Some nice ideas for all of us (I’m going to try ‘Morning Pages’ very soon): 3 Things I Did Every Day For A Month That Made Me A Happier Person.
  1. A sobering read on what happens when the ‘oh go on then’ attitude to money gets out of hand… My ‘treat yourself’ mentality landed me with $15,000 of debt.



  1. Marilyn
    11th December 2016 / 10:05 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this Anna so true and from the heart. Enough to make us all think a little about what is going on in the world. Thank you xx

  2. Anne
    11th December 2016 / 10:56 pm

    As ever you have come up with some thought provoking issues to explore further. X

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