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Hi gang,

I hope you all had lovely weekends. I had a goodun. Some of my favourite people came to stay at the flat, we went to an engagement party and cooked an almighty breakfast today. So those were the highlights. The lowlight was me going over on my foot outside H&M and crying in the street. I’m definitely in that post-op recovery place of getting a wee bit too bold on the crutches because it’s feeling better, but there will be the odd mishap along the way.

This time next week we’ll all be in a Christmas Day food coma – how nuts is that?! I’ll be sporting this pleated number to hide the post-roast bloat. Elasticated waists are the future.

Here are seven jolly good things to get your peepers around this week.

  1. I’ve confessed my love for Sali Hughes in many a previous STOAS post but it won’t stop me doing it again. I love her writing, her take on life, her endlessly useful beauty tips. She also lives in Brighton and I live in constant hope I will bump into her and be able to nonchalantly tell her I think her work is fabulous (when in reality I’d probably spot her, be too star struck and not do or say anything until she’s gone, when I will instantly regret my inaction forevermore). This piece on what happens after the first throes of love is GENIUS. The way she captures both the heady bit of early courtship against the comfy, sweatpants era of a few years in is brilliant and funny and true. Applause for Sali. Sali Hughes on the boring phase of love.
  1. I, like many others, was moved to hear of A. A Gill’s cancer diagnosis, which he wrote about so brilliantly in The Sunday Times, as his shockingly quick-to-follow death on the 10th In this piece, a former assistant of his Marie-Claire Chappet talks of her experiences of working with “the brilliant, naughty, controversial and ferociously talented A. A. Gill”. In it she talks about learning words she’d never heard before through working with him, which reminded me of just how often I would reach for a dictionary when reading his columns – he genuinely taught me so much. He was a fantastic writer and my afternoons curled up with The Sunday Times won’t be the same without him. Being An Assistant to A.A. Gill
  1. A simple piece on keeping New Year’s resolutions, and what you learn when you read a book every single week for a year. Click if only for some brilliant reading list inspo. I Read 52 Books This Year. Here’s What I Learned.
  1. I’m heading home to the North West for Christmas taking Mabel the Cavapoo with me so this list of 10 Of The Best Places In Manchester To Get Food Or Drinks With Your Dog In Tow will be handy. I’ve been to Cottonpolis and loved it, so can’t wait to try the rest. It’s not always easy to find inner city pooch-friendly venues no matter how cute said pooch is!
  1. I sent this to my best bud and she agreed wholeheartedly. I met her at uni and honestly, I saw her crossing a crowded street and knew I wanted to be her friend. Ten years later we are still happily befriended! Just Like Falling in Love, We Can Form Friendships at First Sight.
  1. I love my Medium daily digest newsletter. If you like expanding your reading list (you must do if you’re reading this!) then definitely give it a go. I come across unusual blogs and thought-provoking writing I’d never find without it. I love things that make less obvious stuff on the internet easy to find. This piece was a fascinating read about what you find out when you quit your job, sell 90% of your things and set off on the road and I must have quoted it about 10 times this week alone. I’m less interested in what he uses on the road, instead taking a lot from what minimalism has taught him and I am going to embrace minimalism a bit more in 2017, starting with my wardrobe. Charles has inspired me. 30 Things I’ve Carried For 15 Months On the Road (An Essay On Minimalism)
  1. Not a read, but a watch. The Strictly Final. Honestly, I know it’s not cool to admit, but I loved it and I’m SO FLIPPING PLEASED with the winner (no spoilers). I’m going to see the live show in February and I can’t wait. I also can’t wait to be on my feet and dancing again. What an inspiring show. Bring on the Christmas Day special!


Have a lovely run up to Christmas this week, work less hard, play very hard and eat a lot.


A x

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  1. Anne
    19th December 2016 / 8:23 am

    Loved the book list. X

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