Seven Things on A Sunday* (*I know it’s Monday)

So I ‘failed’ this week (although I’m trying to ban that word from my vocab) in getting this regular post up on its namesake day. I spent Sunday evening on many trains back from Liverpool and by the time I got in, #STOAS wasn’t going to write itself and my bed was calling. Today is different, I’ve had a really productive Monday, a sneaky unexpected business win and I just decided I’ve read too many good things to deprive you of #STOAS totally so let’s be quick – here are seven things to read and watch that may just make your week (and Blue Monday) better…

  1. Creative hobbies aren’t for everyone, but I can happily say they are massively for me. My spare room is full of boxes and boxes (and now shelves, sorry H!) of crafty stuff – paints, pencils, sewing stuff, clay – you name it, it’s probably in one of my boxes. I don’t need too much inspiration to take up another creative hobby, but if you do this is a nice place to start. 8 Creative Hobbies To Take Up In 2017
  1. The punchline to this article isn’t surprising, but I enjoyed the reminder to be open about what you want – from love, from work, from friends, from life because not asking isn’t going to get you very far. 2017 can be the year we get what we want, but we have to ask for it, and have the belief it’s possible. How to Use Steve Jobs’s Insanely Simple Strategy for Getting What You Want.
  1. I watched this last night on one of my many trains home from the motherland and Ioved it. A really humbling bit of film that brings together all the stuff we read and know about happiness into one lovely reminder to try and appreciate what we have, help others and not work ourselves to death. If today is Blue Monday, then this is the perfect antidote. The Happy Movie
  1. A first person account of how anxiety and depression can hit anyone, even someone who, from the outside, looks like they are a high flying ‘have it all’. I’m so pleased anxiety, stress and depression are slowly (and it is slow) losing their taboo. They are sadly becoming more and more common, so the less fear people have around opening up, the better. Stress in the City: ‘At first, I thought my depression was a heart attack’
  1. On that note, this piece was shared by a friend in the week and I had to share it further for its sheer accuracy of what anxiety feels like to the sufferer. I love her positive ending, because despite all the crap that goes with it, this is ultimately 100% true: ‘But more than anything anxiety is caring. It’s never wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s never wanting to do something wrong. More than anything, it’s the want and need to simply be accepted and liked. So you try too hard sometimes.” Thanks Kirsten! What Anxiety Actually Is, Because It’s More Than ‘Just Worrying’
  1. I’m sharing this for the mums out there who are doing this every day. To my sister, my sister in law, and my amazing friends who are raising their little ones with grace, kindness and genuinely endless amounts of patience, I see you and I salute you: Nobody saw you.
  1. An interesting read on EQ. The downsides of being very emotionally intelligent.


  1. Anne
    16th January 2017 / 10:26 pm

    Enjoyed this blog especially the article on anxiety. Needs to be widely read as is so true.

  2. Marilyn McEvoy
    18th February 2017 / 1:40 pm

    Another great read I’m off to watch the Happy Movie.

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