Seven Things On A Sunday

I have struggled this week. My foot isn’t healing as quickly as I expected and walking around, doing simple things like getting to work is really hard. It’s also strange and foggy and cold and I’ve felt a bit disorientated by the weather, anyone else felt the same?

I’m also doing a LOT, and possibly slightly overcommitting myself here and there (something I’ve talked about before) but those commitments have been with friends, and sometimes those moments feed me more than staying home thinking about feeling tired, or ruminating on my sore foot.

I met an old friend for her 30th yesterday and it was such a lovely evening, so worth the trip to Manchester. How else do we keep friends across the country if we don’t make an effort? Happy Birthday E, you were a beautiful birthday girl full of happiness, love and I have a very good feeling about this next decade for you.

Here are seven things to keep you going on this pretty grey Sunday. Not everything is an article, some are listens or something to watch, but all are good food for thought, which is always what STOAS is meant to be.  I’m off to play Elefun with my niece and get silly 🙂

  1. This year I am trying to change the way I consume, starting with the way I buy clothes. I have too many, I buy too much and I should think harder about who makes the stuff I buy. I watched the Dispatches documentary this week on the UK’s clothes trade and it was pretty brutal. If you’d like to know more about who is making your clothes here in the UK, watch this for a sobering look at what £3 an hour clothes labour looks like. It’s the kick up the bum I need to change. Undercover: Britain’s Cheap Clothes. You can then read this, from Emma Watson to inspire you on the ethical fashion labels doing good things: Emma Watson’s Stylish Guide to Shopping Sustainably.
  1. On the same ‘we all probably consume too much’ note, this piece is seriously inspiring. Telegraph journalist Michelle McGagh bought only the essentials for a year and it has changed her life and her relationship with STUFF. I’m not sure I want to go this extreme, but taking a few leaves out of the book can only be a good idea. This Woman Bought Nothing for an Entire Year and Saved $23,000. The pool piece is great too: How easy is it to go a year without spending money?
  1. This week I have been mainlining podcasts above music and audiobooks. I’ve felt so inspired by my friend Emma’s podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete – she interviews awesome women about their lives and their relationship with all things social media and internet. I particularly loved the Tanya Burr, Dawn O’Porter and Lucy Lendrem episodes, but every single one is blinding. Go forth and listen: CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast.
  1. If you’re feeling the January blues, and a bit sluggish then these short BBC videos will be a tonic. Trust me: Best Of: Amazing Humans.
  1. And this, by one of my favourite authors and feminist voices, Cheryl Strayed on last weekend’s Women’s March, and the power they hold. A good read in the face of a very depressing international news week. Cheryl Strayed on the power of walking at the Women’s March on Washington.
  1. Idris Elba shares some motivational thoughts in this short clip. I love his thinking on ‘keeping your head down’ and working on technique rather than incremental progress. The only thing I’m not convinced by is his ‘Work hard, sleep less’ mantra, ‘work hard sleep more’ seems much more sensible. J Idris Elba on Motivation
  1. And finally this, about connecting the way we spend our time to our values: “That’s how [bad] habits start. They creep in when my guard is down, when I’m not connected to anything I love.” You’re Overworked, Tired and Can’t Turn Off Your Mind… Try This.


  1. Anne
    29th January 2017 / 6:46 pm

    Always look forward to your posts. They never fail to offer me a different perspective. Xx

  2. Marilyn McEvoy
    7th February 2017 / 12:12 pm

    Another great post Anna not sure about not spending though But i think it would serve me well.
    ha ha xxx

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