Seven Things On A Sunday

This week is a little different. I felt that so many things I’d read this week were pretty depressing, and nothing blew me away enough to work it into the normal STOAS format. So, I decided to offer some escapism instead and share seven of my favourite fashion and lifestyle bloggers I follow who are currently lightening my internet stress levels with their inspirational content. I have read blogs since they were nerdy things no one really understood (circa 2008) and watched a fair few of the women I mention below grow up online and see their blogs flourish into businesses. Some I follow for their lifestyle content, others for fashion inspiration or beauty advice, but all offer me some much needed distraction and a little ray of light at a time when the internet and the news can be depressing. Their content is stunning and I think it’s always nice to shout out to the people who brighten your internet path – creating content online is hard work, and my mantra is always: if you like something, tell them. You have no idea how much that bit of praise may lift them and keep them going in this crazy world of making-it-up-as-you-go-along online.


Photo credit: @meganellaby Instagram

  1. Megan Ellaby –

Who: Manchester-based Megan knows her fashion stuff, having studied fashion and worked at asos before throwing herself full time into the beautiful blog that is PBM.

I love her for: How fun she is, how down to earth she is, how fearless she is with fashion. She isn’t following any pack, she knows her style and encourages you to do the same. She also helps me with my homesickness, sharing fab Manchester tips and pics.

Find her: On YouTube for fashion inspo and funny, down to earth vlog content and Instagram for some serious wardrobe envy. She’s polished without making you ever feel bad for being in your PJs at 5pm on a Sunday. Love her!


Photo credit: @thefrugality Instagram

  1. Alexandra Stedman –

Who: Alexandra is a fashion stylist who now runs her site full time.

I love her for: Her high street picks, and the way she’s honest about how she spends and also saves on clothes. I’m not a huge fan of the excessive, luxury blogs that make life look like a catalogue and while I love glossy content I am a big fan of some reality thrown in. Most of us can’t afford to shop at Dior every weekend and Alex’s real take on building a wardrobe you love without neglecting your mortgage is more inspirational to me than any high-end haul.

Find her: Her Instagram is gorgeous, start here and then head over to her blog.


Photo credit: @carolinehirons Instagram

  1. Caroline Hirons –

Who: From what I can tell, there is no one doing skincare advice quite like Caroline. She’s a highly qualified skin expert and her advice is straight talking and based on years of experience and product trials.

I love her for: No-nonsense advice. You really get a sense she knows what she’s talking about, and any time I have a skin problem, or want to invest in a new product, it’s Caroline’s advice I seek first. One day I’ll get a CH facial, but until then her blog is my go-to.

Find her: For a feed of everything she’s up to, try her Twitter.


Photo Credit: @livpurvis instagram

  1. Olivia Purvis –

Who:  One of the original lifestyle and fashion bloggers, Olivia has been working on WOD since 2010. She’s studied photography in the past and her content is colourful, crisp and so carefully thought out.

I love her for: She’s another down to earth lass (there’s a theme here!) and her content is a lovely mix of fashion, life and travel. When you see her on snapchat you realise she’s not a clotheshorse, but funny, relatable and she puts so much care and thought into her content.

Find her: Her Instagram is my go-to, along with her blog. I am partial to a bit of her snapchat feed as well for cute dog clips!


Photo credit: @stylememos Instagram

  1. Alexis Foreman – Style Memos

Who: Brighton-based Alexis is an art director and designer and it shows in her gorgeous content on her blog, and on Instagram.

I love her for: Sheer fashion inspiration. The way she pairs a straight jean with a boot and a statement lip is divine.

Find her: Her Instagram is a joy to scroll through. Look out for some serious interiors inspiration too, her house in Brighton looks incredible.


Photo credit: @magsy24 Instragram

  1. Hannah and Stef Michalak –

Who: Hannah and Stef vlog their London lives with their super cute son Grayson.

I love them for: Their weekly vlogs, which are sheer works of film art. Stef’s editing skills are pretty mind-blowing, and the quality of their content sets them apart from so many other vloggers. I’m looking forward to Stef’s first feature film which is surely in the offing. Even H likes watching them.

Find them: On YouTube, where they share their lives week by week. They share the good, bad and the funny and I really admire their work.


Photo credit: @kate.lavie Instagram

  1. Kate Lavie –

Who: Glaswegian blogger Kate is expert at sharing her lovely lifestyle, interiors inspiration and beauty tips.

I love her for: The visual element of her blog, and the way she puts her interiors together. She has a real eye for design and how to make things look beautiful. She also seems really down to earth and funny.

Find her: Her blog and her Instagram are my faves.


Where do you go online to escape? I’d love to know in the comments.

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