Seven Things On A Sunday

Are you lounging on the sofa? I am, after a lovely weekend in Oxford where we caught up with friends, ate like kings and queens and made lovely little discoveries in a city we don’t know that well. I hope you had a good week and a top weekend. I’m coming out of a three week cold which has been lingering around and making me feel pretty down. I didn’t realise it until I’ve shaken it off now, but I probably should have done a bit more resting than I have done. I’ve been tired, snotty and a bit grumpy. This weekly post has also taken a hit as I have been getting to the end of the week and just feeling too ‘spent’ to sit and write so I’m taking some of my own advice and putting myself first over the next month. You’re no use to anyone if you’re run into the ground. BUT I did put my first So She Did Diaries post live and I’m so pleased with it: an interview with Lucy Edmonds, founder of Quill.

Here are seven things worth your eyes and brains this week.

  1. I went to the ballet with my best friend on Monday. Ballet dancers never fail to inspire me, and when the foot is up to it I’d love to join a class again, just for fun. This Buzzfeed article gives an insight into how tough it is to train with them: We Trained With Professional Dancers For One Week (and this is what happened).
  1. Who doesn’t love a bit of advice from our elders? This is a lovely and in-depth piece with some no nonsense advice on how to live well and get to old age without being too grumpy. Avoid stress, be useful: 90-year-olds on how to have a long, happy life
  1. I am so pleased that depression and mental health are more openly discussed than they ever have been. Honesty will save lives and remove stigma and I admire anyone who can be open about their struggles. All of us, at some time in our lives will be affected directly or indirectly and it’s crucial we find a way through without judgement. I take my hat off to Carrie (who I once had a very lovely dinner with, and admire her a great deal) for writing this beautiful piece on her own experience of depression: Let’s Talk and Megan who also put her experience on the table this week too (The Face Of Depression). There is no shame in it So. Ever. and the more people that come forward the less we’ll have to repeat that message and instead spend our time on support.
  1. I was a huge Moby fan when I was 17 and am very keen to put this on my playlists for the days when you feel a bit like you’re on a treadmill set ever so slightly too fast… Moby Has Just Released Four Hours Worth Of Free Music Designed For Yoga And Meditation
  1. Now, I haven’t watched this yet, but a friend who makes excellent documentary recommendations shared this one and called it ‘stand out brilliant’. She used to work in telly, so she knows a fair bit, and everything she’s told me to watch I’ve cried at! I’m watching this one tonight – it’s apparently a ‘fascinating insight into autism and how someone’s passion can help change and improve their life, in this case Disney’. I’m IN. Life Animated.
  1. I wish I’d written this. I’ve spent more lunches at my desk than I care to remember, and this is a nice reminder, as we start another week, to use the slot to look after yourself and eat some delicious food over an actual plate not a keyboard. Eat your lunch with a knife and fork today. You deserve it
  1. And this, because it’s pancake o’clock this Tuesday! Mary Berry’s Easy Pancake Recipe

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  1. Mike L
    26th February 2017 / 11:55 pm

    Another great smorgasbord of fascinating, inspiring, heartwarming links. Thank you Anna!

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