Seven Things On A Sunday

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week as I’m up early tomorrow to start a coaching course in London so I need my geek sleep! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week.

  1. Making A Life Changing Decision? Try This Simple Quiz. < Fascinating piece on the kinds of questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck at a crossroads: “That’s where it gets tough. The simple truth is that life’s really important choices are rarely black-and-white. Most often they span infinite shades of gray. But when indecision creeps in, when the path forward is shrouded in fog, only one question really matters. What will you truly regret not having done?”
  1. 5 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life Even Though You Don’t Think So. < One to read if you’re hard on yourself and need to put some kindness back into your inner narrative.
  1. Zosia Mamet’s R29 Essay On The Terrible Boyfriend Who Changed Her Life. < The trend for celebrity-penned essays on everything from life advice to post-natal depression is going nowhere. This one by Girls star Zosia Mamet is excellent.
  1. We Interrupt Your Daily Grind of a Life For This Uplifting Video. < Interesting new message from Sanctuary, home of nice bath oils and body lotion. Love the #LetGo sentiment.
  1. 20 Tweets That Nail What Anxiety Feels Like < For anxiety sufferers everywhere.
  1. Happy Thoughts: Here Are the Things Proven To Make You Happier. < A classic Time article on cultivating happiness.

7. How to Live Life with Fantastic Aliveness: Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal < This is beautiful.


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  1. Anne
    20th March 2017 / 8:16 am

    So love getting your reading list for the week.

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