Seven Things On A Sunday

I’ve been a bit lax on the whole ‘let’s post seven great things on a Sunday’ thing and I’m very annoyed at myself. I’ve had a slightly bonkers month or two with a lot of personal things going on and big decisions happening and it’s thrown me off keeping to any kind of schedule or pattern. As ever, I’m trying to be kind to myself, after all when life gives you lemons, forget your diary, stop beating yourself up and go drink some Limoncello instead (did you see my new Rome city break post btw?).

Here are seven things I’ve loved this week…

  1. Mind Over Marathon This is such a good programme charting the progress of ten people who all have different mental health challenges from anxiety to depression and post traumatic stress disorder as they train for the London Marathon. Nick Knowles (remember him?) does a brilliant job of not just presenting but genuinely supporting these people alongside running trainers, a nutritionist and a psychologist. Some of the stuff the runners have been through is hard to comprehend, but it’s amazing to see the effects exercise can have on our state of mind. Well worth a catch up watch before the second part on Thursday.


  1. Home is where a piece of your heart is. I really enjoy lifestyle and fashion blogger Victoria McGrath’s content. Her fashion taste is stunning and she documents some of the most amazing travel experiences that make you want to do a whole lot of damage to your credit card (or your air miles). She’s originally from Wigan, she studied in Manchester and she now lives in London so this piece about where she finds home really struck a chord with me as southern dwelling northerner. It has inspired me to write my own piece all about my sense of home coming soon…


  1. Confessions of a former fitness failure This is by my colleague and friend Louise, whose blog is so lovely and well worth a read. This post really struck a chord with me. She talks so honestly about finding her fitness mojo and having worked with Louise for the past two years I’ve really noticed she’s got a proper sparkle around her at the moment, some of which I reckon is down to her newfound love of exercise. Oh, and she also recommends the cutest gym sweatshirt I’ve ever seen.


  1. You Can Train Yourself to Be Frugal—And It’s Pretty Painless. This year I am tightening the purse strings a bit, mainly by training myself to think harder about the stuff I buy. This simple article offers some straight-talking advice about how to get started and it’s all about being LAZY. My kind of habit.


  1. How to divorce with dignity (in the glare of social media). If you know someone going through divorce, read this and share it with them. It is one of the most revealing, honest and genuine pieces I have ever read on the subject, especially from someone going through it so young.


  1. I’m still scared of how coming clean about my mental health will affect my career. At the risk of sounding like a total muppet, mental health is having a real ‘moment’ in the media and I am SO GLAD about it. This is such a brave piece and I admire Ellen so much for talking about this. More of us should (if we feel we can).


  1. If You Knew Something Would Improve Your Life, Why Wouldn’t You? I love this piece of writing and I reckon you will too. If you ever struggle with negativity and doing the best thing for yourself (not always the most fun thing) then this is a great bit of writing for you. We’re all human, and this is an optimistic take on getting started on a path that’ll make you happy.

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