Seven things on a sunday new year special

I was going to do a round up of the seven most excellent things I’d read this year, but then, as ever, realised Brain Pickings did it better (cue envious eye roll). Their 2017 round up is packed full of good stuff to get you thinking and feeling inspired for 2018 – it has all the #STOAS-esque fodder you’ll ever need to end the year with. So that’s one of my seven out of the way (plus you can always rummage in the #STOAS archives if you really want to). The next six are things I’d like to leave with you as the year comes to a close. Stuff I am finding important as 2018 arrives (such as breathing, let it never be said this blog doesn’t share vital advice 😉) – simple ways you can end your final day of 2017 really positively. I find ‘Happy New Year’ a bit of a platitude. Well meant but a bit empty.  A year is a long time and happy is far too simplistic for how anyone’s year will roll. Happy/sad/ecstatic/positive/funny/teary/frustrating…etc.etc.etc. But for the eve itself, I know it’s a greeting well meant and welcomed.

All that said, the new year is here, and whether it’s a happy night for you tonight, a sad one, or a reflective one (or maybe a mix of all three) I wish you joy and progress for 2018.

  1. The Best of Brain Pickings 2017
  2. Breathe deeply today. If you’re anxious, chances are you spend more time than you know holding your breath. Breathe in, breathe out, and make sure your tummy rises and falls. That’s better.
  3. Do something silly. Run around in the grass with a dog, turn a song up really loud and dance to it (Basement Jaxx Do Your Thing works a treat), watch a Peter Kay DVD – seek the silly and raise your heart.
  4. Buy something you love. Get spendy every now and then, it’s fun.
  5. Tell someone before midnight what they mean to you. Thank someone for making your 2017 a bit brighter, for making you laugh, for keeping you bright.
  6. Do something small to raise someone else up today. Send someone your favourite book, give someone a lift (before the champers), knock on neighbour Brenda’s door and say hello, pay someone else’s coffee bill. Look around you and do something nice.
  7. Make one promise to yourself for 2018 – what will you do more of next year? Laugh? Sing? Paint? Earn money? One thing you’ll do for you in 2018. Keep it simple.

Whether you’re OUT out in sequins or IN in in your pyjamas tonight, I hope it’s a good one. See you next year.

A x

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  1. Anne
    31st December 2017 / 12:50 pm

    Thank you Anna as ever for your wise words. Xxx

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